The metal finishes were done by Ken Pederson ofPederson Arms in Arlington, WA. On September 16, 1969, Hathcock's career as a sniper came to a sudden end along Highway 1, north of Landing Zone Baldy, when the LVTP-5 he was riding on struck an anti-tank mine. *Lighting a path to truth* Former Navy JAG Worldwide U.S. Military Defense. Likewise, many of the 300-plus Model 70 rifles purchased by the Marine Corps during World War II remained in inventory and, except for the handful diverted for unofficial sniping use, continued to be used by Marine marksmen for match use throughout the 1950s. Carlos Hathcock, the most celebrated US sniper in history, preferred the model 70 over a host of other rifles at his disposal, using it extensively in combat during the Vietnam war, and in Wimbledon matches at Camp Perry in the years that followed. The rifle most associated with Carlos Hathcock is the Winchester model 70 sniper rifle with an 8X-power Unertl scope. Carlos Norman Hathcock II (May 20, 1942 February 22, 1999) was a United States Marine Corps (USMC) sniper with a service record of 93 confirmed kills. Support Veteran Journalism , Editors note: Carlos Hathcock Born this day, May 20, 1942. Carlos Hathcock, used the rifle with remarkable effectiveness. But it's a total rebuild. Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. Chief Warrant Officer His heroic actions were instrumental in saving the lives of several Marines. The company made its humble start in 1963in Gussago, Italywhen Giuseppe Pietta made a commitment to produce guns as authentic and true-to-original as possible. Gen. Van Orden, including Smiths championship-winning rifle, were shipped to Vietnam as supplemental equipment.Peter Senich gave additional details regarding the use of the Model 70 sniper rifle in Vietnam in his excellent book The One-Round War: Glass-bedded and accurized by Marine Corps Rifle Team Equipment Armorers (RTE), the Model 70s fired .30-06 M72 match ammunition having a 173-grain, boat-tailed bullet. The Unertl Scope used during that time didnt have the glass clarification that we have become so accustomed to. FOLLO .more .more 2.6K Dislike Share Indian Gunner 26.3K subscribers. The slings are embossed with Hathcock's signature. The "Rifle, 7.62mm Sniper, M40," adopted April 7, 1966, was to serve as the foundation for USMC sniper rifles for the following four decades. These two historic Winchester Model 70 rifles bearing serial numbers "1" and "2" are now being offered for sale by Sportsman's Legacy. It is an odd scope by todays standards. "[41][42] A sniper range named for Hathcock is at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. The scarcity of these rifles mean few of us will ever get a chance to own one. In turn, the Winchester factory had submitted a sniper prototype of the Model 70 fitted with a 10-round detachable box magazine to the US Army back in the early 1950s. He only used the .50 M2 on less than a dozen shots. These rifles pop up every now and then, not often but they do show up. The metal was reblued as required. Estimated Price: $ 15,000 - $ 25,000 Price Realized: Details Outstanding, Rare and Well Documented Winchester Model 70 U.S.M.C. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. This article, "The Military Model 70," appeared originally in the April 2011 issue of American Rifleman. The bolt body is polished bright and electro-penciled with the rifle serial number "48213". [7][8][9] After a platoon of Vietnamese snipers was sent to hunt down "White Feather", many Marines in the same area donned white feathers to deceive the enemy. According to Winchester documents, these rifles were shipped to the Marine Corps on May 29, 1942. Above, Marine rifleman Dalton Gunderson eyes the enemy through an 8X Unertl scope on top of his Special Services-procured Winchester Model 70 in Vietnam. S. Jay Ratliff Barrett is the world leader in long-range, large-caliber, precision rifle design and manufacturing. The late Marine sniper set the record in 1967 with a M-2 .50 caliber Browning machine gun.. 1942 dated receiver, with a 56 dated WRA barrel, mismatched bolt, all the metal looks like it's been refnished, and the stock has been beat to crap and then heavily sanded. sniper kill. The group started running towards Hathcock and Land. This rifle came to us as a standard sporter rifle, with a Douglas barrel blank. Officially, Carlos Hathcock had 93 confirmed kills. The rifle chosen was the Winchester Model 70. Hathcock's career as a sniper has been used as a basis for a variety of fictional snipers, from the "shooting through the scope incident" to the number of kills he made. You must log in or register to reply here. Hathcock generally used the standard sniper rifle: the Winchester Model 70 chambered for .30-06 Springfield cartridges, with the standard 8-power Unertl scope. It was supplied with a Redfield 3x9 mounted with Redfield base/rings. Steam rose from the damp jungle mulch. Carlos Hathcock accepting the Wimbledon Cup after winning the NRA National Matches. Land later recruited Marines who had set their own records in sharpshooting; he quickly found Hathcock, who had won the Wimbledon Cup, the most prestigious prize for long-range shooting, at Camp Perry in 1965. Pre-'64 Winchester Model 70 Specs MANUFACTURER: Winchester Repeating Arms TYPE: Bolt-action repeater CALIBER: .270 Winchester MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 5 rounds BARREL: 24 in. During his entire career as a sniper, Carlos Hathcock used a U. S. Marines version of a Unertl precision riflescope. Learn more about Gunnery Sergeant Carlos N. Hathcock II and the Winchester Model 70s service in Vietnam in these two American Rifleman articles:The Military Model 70. The Winchester Model 70 is a classic bolt action rifle and one of the most popular and well known bolt action rifles in sports shooting history. His longest confirmed kill was 2500 yards. It was in this way the Winchester model 70 found its way into unauthorized sniper duty during the WWII, primarily in the Pacific Theater. In 2016, an armorer with the Pennsylvania National Guard contacted us regarding a .308 target rifle used by their competitive match shooters. Customer experience was, and still is, the primary focus, a key to the firms longevity and success. [6] The Viet Cong and PAVN called Hathcock Lng Trng, translated as "White Feather", because of the white feather he kept in a band on his bush hat. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. Which honestly looking at the barrels, I think he was probably likely telling the truth. I hope you don't mind but I was able to move my eyes beyond and it looks like you are fortunate to enjoy some beautiful shooting area if perhaps a bit cold. Oval Winchester "W/P" proof marks are stamped on the left side of the barrel and receiver. The sniper, known only as the "Cobra," had already killed several Marines and was believed to have been sent specifically to kill Hathcock. During the Vietnam War, Marine Corps Veteran Carlos Hathcock had 93 confirmed kills of North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong personnel. [5], The PAVN placed a bounty of US $30,000 on Hathcock's life for killing so many of its soldiers. He purchased a Winchester Model 70 and fitted it with a Unertl 10 power telescopic sight to test his theories. His previous skill as a marksman had won him a variety of matches and trophies at places like Camp Perry in Ohio. You must become a subscriber or login to view or post comments on this article. that had been originally purchased [as] across-the course bolt guns for the National Matches. This one is mine. They are fragile and the external rings may or may not offer as fine adjustments for windage and elevation. I'm not. Wiley Clapp in 1965. FOLLO .more .more 2.6K Dislike Share Indian Gunner 26.3K subscribers. The barrel, receiver, bolt handle, cocking piece trigger guard, and buttplate have the Winchester charcoal blue finish. A marksman model 70 still in active use with the PA National Guard. To this end, Winchester sent a letter to the U.S. Marine Corps Quartermaster on July 20, 1942, indicating it had 1,944 Model 70 .30 Government 06 Rifles on hand, which we can offer you subject to prior sale., Most of these rifles had 24" barrels, but there were 105 with 20" barrels. But on several occasions, he turned to the M2 .50-caliber machine gun for longer . The fact that the guys using this rifle shot at distances exceeding 800 yards (1000+) on human sized targets, is a great accomplishment in itself. Receiver is engraved with likeness of Carlos Hathcock's signature, along with the White Feather logo. Editors note: Carlos Hathcock Born this day, May 20, 1942. . The M40 (wood stock R700 & Redfield) was around but he was VERY familiar with the M70 target rifle as part of the USMC Rifle Team. Hathcock's record and the extraordinary details of the missions he undertook made him a legend in the U.S. Marine Corps. Awesome to hear/see when someone has their shit together. On this occasion he used a .50 caliber Browning M2 machine gun, to which he attached his scope with a bracket he designed himself. 134,606 views Dec 6, 2020 Winchester Model 70 (.30-06) rifle review in Hindi. Hathcock passed away in 1999 at the age of 57. He hunted at that early age with a .22-caliber J. C. Higgins single-shot rifle. He used an M2 .50 Cal Browning machine gun mounted with a telescopic sight at a range of 2,500yd (2,286m), killing a Vietcong guerrilla. The M72 173 grain .30-06 was something that I could familiarize myself with as it is fairly similar to the M118LR. The stock is nicely figured American walnut with checkered forearm and pistol grip and has the Winchester semi-gloss varnish finish. The USMC was still using the Model 70s as both target rifle for international match competition and pseudo-sniper rifle work . He did win the Wimbledon Cup with it after all. The 1047 rifles, U.S., caliber .30, M1903, Snipers Equipment on hand at this Depot are believed to be superior to the subject rifle both in accuracy and durability .. Buffalo,. The Korean War was the last conflict in which the World War II-vintage bolt-action M1903A1/Unertl sniper rifle was employed. In 1966, Hathcock started his deployment in the Vietnam War as a military policeman and later became a sniper after Captain Edward James Land pushed the Marines into raising snipers in every platoon. During this depression, his wife Jo nearly left him but decided to stay. On May 29, 1942, eager to do their part in the war effort, Winchester shipped 373 model 70 standard .30-06 rifles to the US Marine Corps. Born in 1942, Hathcock enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps on May 20, 1959the very day he turned 17. The Winchester Model 70is abolt-actionsporting/huntingrifle. The success of the Model 70 on the rifle range attracted renewed interest from the U.S. Army as evidenced by a Feb. 2, 1955, memo from the Office of the Chief of Ordnance to the Chief of Army Field Forces, which stated: It is requested that this office be furnished [with] your comments and recommendations relative to procurement of cal. In addition to sniper rifles, model 70s were used extensively in marksmanship training and in match team shooting. Carlos Hathcock was born on May 20, 1942, in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Hathcock pulled seven Marines from the flame-engulfed vehicle, suffering severe burns (some third-degree) to his face, arms, and legs, before someone pulled him away and placed him in water because he was unaware of how badly he had been burnt. He and other Marines who were riding on top of the vehicle were sprayed with flaming gasoline caused by the explosion. The Winchester Model 70 is a bolt-action sporting rifle.It has an iconic place in American sporting culture and has been held in high regard by shooters since it was introduced in 1936, earning the moniker "The Rifleman's Rifle". Although the model 70 was never officially approved for combat service during WWII, a number of Model 70s made their way into combat with USMC snipers. On some occasions, however, he used a different weapon: the Browning M2 machine gun, on which he mounted a 10X Unertl scope, using a bracket of his own design. These later rifles were delivered to the US military already modified to be sniper rifles, including a heavy barrel and accurized stock. He was the only child of Carlos and Agnes Hathcock. It appears that you are accessing the Winchester Website from outside North America. This is an excellent example of a Winchester Model 70 rifle in Vietnam Marine sniper configuration with scarce and very desirable WWII Unertl "U.S.MC.-SNIPER" telescopic sight and correct anodized aluminum target mounts. In 1966, the Marines determined that the M1C and M1D Garand sniper rifles lacked the accuracy required for operations in Vietnam and modified the available Model 70 target rifles and standard rifles to sniper configuration by fitting them with the 8x Unertl "USMC-SNIPER" telescopic sights mounted on the Springfield M1903A1 sniper rifles during WWII and the Korean Conflict. In the early 1940s, says a Marine Corps spokesman, we were advised that a Unertl 8X scope on the Winchester Model 70 was the best sniping combination, but the 03 was available in quantity, so we used it.The Model 70 rifles sent to Vietnam for use as sniping arms were from the stocks originally procured for Marine Corps match use, chiefly from George Van Orden. The serial number of this rifle, "48213" falls within the serial number range of Marine WWII Model 70 rifles listed on pages 49-50 of Death from Afar Volume 1" by Chandler & Chandler but is not included on the list. In 1936, Winchester introduced the Model 70 bolt-action rifle to the American market. Lots of posts I haven't come back to as of late. [43] In 2002, this record was broken by Canadian snipers (Rob Furlong and Arron Perry) from the third battalion of Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry during the War in Afghanistan. I've read that the only way to do it is to first plate the barrel with a metal that will accept bluing. That is without having to go with the points on a special reticle. The author says Carlos used a Model 70 Winchester with a long tube Unertl scope. In one of his more renowned stories, Carlos Hathcock killed an enemy sniper through the enemy's own rifle scope. [2] At one point he was nearly bitten by a bamboo viper, but had the presence of mind to avoid moving and giving up his position. Carlos Hathcock with his Winchester Model 70 rifle. With complete disregard for his own safety and while suffering excruciating pain from his burns, he bravely ran back through the flames and exploding ammunition to ensure that no Marines had been left behind in the burning vehicle. His primary rifle was one of the Corps Winchester Model 70 target rifles, chambered in 30-06 and topped with an 8-power Unertl target scope in an externally adjustable mount. Despite its excellence as a precision rifle, the Model 70 was never fully embraced by the U.S. military as a standardized sniper arm. I just passed down my Win 70 .30-'06 Featherweight to the next generation. Interestingly, Hathcock won that prestigious trophy with a Winchester Model 70. He did however adapt according to the conditions and once even used the M2 Browning machine gun! The legendary Carlos Norman Hatchock II learned to shoot with this gun. I am hoping to have one built myself someday. The WWII U.S.M.C. Carlos Norman Hathcock II (20 May 1942 - 23 February 23 1999) was a United States Marine Corps sniper with a service record of 93 confirmed kills. "WINCHESTER/-TRADE MARK-" is roll stamped on the left side of the receiver rail. If you decide that you wanted an original Unertl, they are out there and available. Carlos Hathcock, in Vietnam (left) and receiving the Silver Star (right). [33], Hathcock once said that he survived in his work because of an ability to "get in the bubble", to put himself into a state of "utter, complete, absolute concentration", first with his equipment, then his environment, in which every breeze and every leaf meant something, and finally on his quarry. George H. Hurt of the 3rd Marine Divisions newly formed sniper school at Da Nang, Vietnam, checked the 8X Unertl scope mounted on a Winchester Model 70. In November 1965, USMC Gy/Sgt. [4] In the Vietnam War, kills had to be confirmed by the sniper's spotter and a third party, who had to be an officer. The anodized aluminum Unertl target mounts have a blue-brown patina that is typical of these WWII production mounts. Scope used by Carlos Hathcock. He copied Hemingway's words on a piece of paper. I had always thought that long tube scopes were originally used a long time ago and were more or less obsolete. The second lot of rifles used by Land and his teams in Vietnam were also Winchester Model 70 target guns in .30-06 Sprg. Through the PX system in Okinawa, Lands NCOs bought mounts, rings and scopes. Great project. What should the discerning collector look for in a potential buy? It had a standard weight barrel as well as a clip guide milled into the receiver bridge so 5-round stripper clips could quickly and easily charge the magazine. THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING VETERAN JOURNALISM - JOIN SOFREP+ The only sound in the sweltering stillness was the buzzing of flies and gnats as.
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